Pickup from our warehouse

For those who wish to receive their order faster, it is possible to receive it from the warehouse of our store at Dimitriou Dede 19 Acharnai 13673 after telephone contact has been made and an appointment has been scheduled for collection. There are no collection costs and the order can be paid for by payment at the warehouse without any charge.

Shipping by Courier

Both in Attica and in provincial and island Greece, orders are sent by a partner courier. The delivery time for ready-to-deliver products is 1-2 working days for Attica and 2-4 working days for mainland and island Greece. The shipping cost within Attica is €3.2 including VAT and €4.0 including VAT for the rest of Greece.

Shipping by agency

If you cooperate with an agency and wish the shipment to be made through it, this possibility exists and the shipment from us to your agency within Attica is completely free. A necessary condition is that your order has been paid either by bank deposit, or by Paypal or credit card. COD is not supported on these shipments.

Free shipping

For orders over 30.00 for Attica and over 50.00 for the rest of Greece, they are sent by courier completely free of charge.

Shipping abroad

For orders with a delivery location abroad, shipping is done by DHL with a delivery time of 3-5 working days and a shipping cost of €20.00 including VAT for shipments up to 1.5 Kg. For each additional Kg there is a charge of €6.00 including VAT.