Before shaving

Before shaving

Choose from the rich range of Only For Men for pre-shave facial preparation products! Take care of your face with the best quality solutions on the market!

Pre-shave products:

Pre Shave Oil

Pre-shave oil softens your beard so that the razor can more easily glide on your face. It also reduces the so-called “burn” of the razor. So your skin is less prone to irritation and with zero cuts even in the most difficult parts of your face. The protective layer that forms the oil increases the razor’s slide on the skin, and provides a smooth movement, making shaving a real pleasure. A good oil moisturizes and softens the beard. You can find pre shave oil products in our store with excellent properties for before your shave.

Pre Shave Cream/Lotion

Pre-shave shaving cream opens pores and softens hair before shaving. It needs a very good facial massage to penetrate and 2-3 minutes are enough to do its job. You can also use it as an after shave balm. It is designed to naturally nourish and moisturize beards and dry skin before and after shaving. Most (pre shave) creams contain eucalyptus, for facial rejuvenation.