Shaving Brushes

Shaving brushes

See and choose from the rich range of Only For Men for high quality shaving brushes! Take care of your face with the best quality solutions on the market!

Our huge assortment includes brushes with pig – badger – synthetic – horse bristles. Badger bristle shaving brushes provide an excellent shave. Badger hairs are extremely soft. Synthetics are suitable for those who are in constant motion, with a suitcase in hand. The synthetic brush is extremely soft and does not need to be dried to put it in the necessaire.

The brush is the most important shaving accessory and does the job that hands can’t do! It cleanses the face, softens the beard and makes them softer, while lifting them for a better and deeper shave without irritation. It creates rich foam, opens the pores of the skin and makes a light peeling while removing dead cells.

Turn a good shave into an excellent shave!