Shaving blades

Shaving Falsettas

See and choose from Only For Men’s wide range of high quality shaving falsets. Take care of your face with the best quality solutions on the market! Give a comfortable and deep shave to your face with proper preparation, practice and falsetto shaving technique. Return to the classic traditional way of shaving!

A well-sharpened razor, with proper handling, will provide you with a comfortable shave without irritation and minor injuries. The falsetto needs sharpening, if you do not want to deal with sharpening you can choose a shavette which takes spare razors. The razor that scared people has now been replaced by more modern falsettas that have the ability to change blades with every shave. Every shave starts with a hand in the direction of the hair. If you want a counter shave, do a second hand, this time against.

The Saveta was originally a more economical and easy to maintain alternative to the falsetta. Over time, it gained a larger audience and many people now prefer them for their shave, while they are loved by barbers