Men’s Sunglasses Silver


sex man
UV protection 100% UV protection, Class 3
Lens Type mirror
material metal
amplitude 14,4 cm
height 4,8 cm
Armrest length 15,2 cm
Frame Color Silver
Lens color Silver





4.8 x 14.4 cm

In stock

Men’s Sunglasses Silver

These perfect men’s sunglasses add something of the cosmopolitan summer feel of Miami or Rio. In addition to the “fleeting” look of the 50s that adds charm, they also combine excellent protection for the eyes.

Silver lenses are polarized, smoothing out annoying reflections while blocking harmful sun rays thanks to the protective UV coating.

Men’s Sunglasses Silver

  • Gender: Male
  • UV protection

  • : 100% UV protection, class 3
  • Lens Type: Mirror
  • Material: Metal
  • Width : 14,4 cm
  • Height : 4,8 cm
  • Armrest Length: 15,2 cm
  • Frame Color : Silver
  • Lens Color : Silver


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