Men’s Oval Smoke Sunglasses


sex Male Female
UV protection 100% UV protection, Class 3
Lens Type Normal, 100% recycled rPMMA-L
material metal
amplitude 12,8 cm
height 4,3 cm
Armrest length 13,6 cm
Frame Color Gold
Lens color black





4.3 x 12.8 cm

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Men’s Oval Smoke Sunglasses

Add charm to your look. This pair of glasses, in addition to their classic retro-nerd design, also offer protection from harmful solar rays thanks to the protective UV coating of transparent lenses.

It should be noted that HEV (blue) radiation is extremely harmful to eye health, while long exposures to this radiation have been found to be responsible for headaches, blurred vision, and other unpleasant symptoms of digital eye strain.

With these glasses, your look and eyes will delight you.

Men’s Oval Smoke Sunglasses

  • Gender: Male Female
  • UV protection

  • : 100% UV protection, class 3
  • Lens Type: Normal, 100% recycled rPMMA-L
  • Material: Metal
  • Width : 12,8 cm
  • Height : 4,3 cm
  • Armrest Length: 13.6 cm
  • Frame Color : Gold
  • Lens Color : Black


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