Green Men’s Sunglasses Type Aviator


Aviator’s men’s glasses – metal frame & round transparent lenses

Designed in Denmark

The lenses offer 100% UV protection and block dangerous blue radiation

Gift box and storage pouch included

Trendy men’s aviator glasses with round transparent lenses






5.4 x 13.6 cm

In stock

Green Men’s Sunglasses Type Aviator

Blue light is bad and tiring for the eyes, responsible for headaches, lack of energy, and concentration and performance problems. Unfortunately, all screens of electronic devices, such as. laptops, PCs, smartphones, tablets, emit blue radiation. Even now that you’re reading this product description, your eyes are exposed.

For most, avoiding exposure to blue radiation is simply impossible. However, you can protect your eyes by wearing glasses with lenses that block it.

Green Men’s Sunglasses Type Aviator

  • Gender: Male
  • UV protection

  • : 100% UV protection, class 3
  • Lens Type: Normal
  • Material: Metal
  • Width : 13,6 cm
  • Height : 5,4 cm
  • Armrest Length: 13,9 cm
  • Frame Color : Black
  • Lens Color : Green


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