Black rectangular men’s sunglasses


sex man
UV protection 100% UV protection, Class 3
Lens Type Normal, 100% recycled rPMMA-L
material metal
amplitude 13,7 cm
height 3,7 cm
Armrest length 15 cm
Frame Color Gold
Lens color black





3.7 x 13.7 cm

In stock

Men’s rectangular black sunglasses

These perfect men’s glasses with black rectangular lenses stand out with their all-time classic look. The slim metal frame and soft irons guarantee incredible comfort when wearing them.

The best part is that the lenses offer complete protection from UV rays, while blocking blue radiation that leads to digital eye strain. So, if you love to spend endless hours browsing the internet or your job requires many hours in front of a screen, then we are sure that they will become your next favorite couple.

Men’s rectangular black sunglasses

  • Gender: Male
  • UV protection

  • : 100% UV protection, class 3
  • Lens Type: Normal, 100% recycled rPMMA-L
  • Material: Metal
  • Width : 13.7 cm
  • Height : 3,7 cm
  • Armrest Length: 15 cm
  • Frame Color : Gold
  • Lens Color : Black


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